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EMERG is your one stop shop for all things Emergency, Incident & Bushfire related. We offer a range of fire planning options for landholders, private residents, Companies, Corporations and Government Agencies.

We provide a range of solutions, training courses, planning tools, consultation services and audits for mitigation of Emergency, Bushfire & Incident Management on public & private lands, including but not limited to:

  • Executive Leadership & Training in Emergency, Bushfire & Incident Management, including Corporate Governance and Policy
  • Leadership and Incident Management Training
  • Fire Fighter Training
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Risk Assessment and Management Planning
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Bushfire Planning and Risk management
  • Prescribed Burning Techniques
  • Vegetation Management
  • Bushfire Fuel Management
  • Helicopter Operations and Training
  • Helicopter Services for Aerial Inspections, Construction, Pest Control, Disaster Relief, Fire Control & Exploration
  • Helicopter Pilot Training  
  • Fire Trail and Hazard Assessment & Audit
  • Fire Zone Assessment and options for hazard reduction
  • Prescribed Burn Assessment, Plans, Plan Audits, Hazard Reduction Plans & Plan Implementation
  • Prescribed Burn Command and Control Functions
  • Emergency Evacuation Planning (EEP)
  • Asset Protection Plans

EMERG provide succinct Emergency Management training and advice for your organisation, focusing on Preparedness, Prevention, Response and Recovery.

Contact Us to find out more about any of the EMERG Services and Training Courses.