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Graeme Taylor

Graeme Taylor has extensive strategic and operational management experience, and a strong focus on leadership and critical decision making in an emergency management environment. Graeme provides support to agencies, local government and industry before, during and after emergencies. He is able to lead the development of risk reduction and fire protection planning, including fuel modification and management. He prides himself on his ability to promote planned burning as an effective risk reduction method. Alongside this, he also assists in preparing communities and other stakeholders for natural disasters.


  • Diploma of Applied Science–Fire Technology (University of Ballarat)
  • Certificate IV in Firefighting (Supervision)
  • Certificate III in Public Safety (Fire & Emergency Operations)
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Nationally accredited Fire Investigator
  • Nationally accredited Prescribed Burning Officer
  • Level 2 DELWP Incident Controller
  • Level 2 DELWP Operations Officer


Graeme has extensive experience in State fire policy, planning, incident management and operational services, in particular for fire at large events. He brings first-hand experience in leadership roles for major emergency incidents in Victoria. Since 1996, these events have included the Longford gas explosion, multiple Gippsland floods and the 2009 Black Saturday Fires. Graeme has excellent knowledge of State and local government emergency management and fire planning arrangements and provisions, including the Bushfire Management Overlay. He also has excellent community engagement and stakeholder management skills, including dealing with fragile communities post natural disaster. His highly developed project management skills enable him to manage complex emergency events, in conjunction with making an efficient and effective early transition from response to recovery. His project management and engagement skills can be demonstrated through key initiatives he has been involved in including:

  • The delivery of the DELWP Road Management Plan across a broad landscape against the requirements in the Act,involving the maintenance across nearly 5000km of public roads in Gippsland
  • Working with multiple Councils building sound mitigation strategies within Municipal Fire Management Planning
  • Major infrastructure upgrades including capital works at Depots and Incident Control Centres
  • Management of the Snowy Range Airbase upgrade, this involved Graeme liaising with key groups including the environmental lobby and Mountain Cattleman’s Association
  • Chair of the multi-agency Wellington Shire Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee
  • Building the cooperative agreement in Gippsland between HVP plantations and DELWP, leading to effective on ground works in fire prevention and suppression

Brett Stephens

Brett Stephens has 22 years of experience working in the environmental and fire management industry. Brett had an extensive public service career in both SA and NT working for the Department for Water (DEW) and Bushfires NT respectively. He is widely recognised for his knowledge and experience in bushfire mitigation, response and emergency management throughout Australia and internationally with 3 deployments to North America. Brett has worked with many agencies and stakeholders to develop and deliver fire management programs including fire management plans, detailed risk assessments and emergency management planning, prescribed burning, fuel mitigation plans, policies, procedures and Nationally Accredited Training packages.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science–Conservation & Land Management
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment
  • Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)
  • Nationally Accredited Prescribed Burning (Plan & Conduct Complex Prescribed Burns)
  • Wildfire Origin & Cause Determination
  • Incendiary Operations Supervisor
  • Air Observer
  • Bushfire Attack Level Assessor


Brett has extensive experience with State and Local Government policy, planning and implementation of bushfire mitigation strategies. As a member of the Murray Mallee Bushfire Management Area Committee for 14 years he was a key driver of the tenure blind landscape approach to fire planning and mitigation, and the eventual development of the Murray Mallee Bushfire Management Area Plan. Brett’s extensive knowledge of Bushfire risk, appropriate mitigation strategies and community engagement has been demonstrated by his involvement in a number of projects including:

  • Establishing and Chairing the Ngarkat Operations group to provide stakeholders an opportunity to be involved in the planning & implementation of Bushfire mitigation and response strategies in the Ngarkat Complex of parks, an extremely bushfire prone part of SA
  • Developing the Aerial Burning Policies and Procedures for the Department Environment and Water (DEW) in SA that now is a significant feature of the annual burn program
  • Coordinating and implementing the annual Prescribed Burn program for Department of Defence in the NT (2016 and 2017)
  • Risk assessments and Fire management plans (Twin Creek and Palmer wind farms, Stirling Linear Park, Flinders University, Onkaparinga Hills Council, DPTI Rail Network)
  • Landscape Fire management plans (DEW Ngarkat, Bookmark and Billiatt)
  • Bushfire Prevention and preparation Audits (Flinders University)
  • Community Engagement (Wadmore Park Fire Management Plan)

Cameron Leary

Director, IC Intent

Cameron has extensive experience within multi-agency incidents including; Fire-ground, Incident Management Team, Air Operations, Interstate Liaison Officer and Contingent Leader, International Incident Controller, Deputy Incident Controller, Operations Officerand Strategic Safety Officer. He has a broad background in Land Management from field operational roles to middle level Management with NPWS. He has a broad range of training and assessment experience in design, development, delivery and facilitation of courses and scenarios, this knowledge has been developed through working on programs with TAFE NSW, NSW Rural Fire Service, South Australia Country Fire Service, ACT Emergency Services Agency, Forest Corporation NSW, NSW Department Primary Industry, ACT Parks & Conservation Service, Bushfire NT, NT Fire & Rescue Service, Bushfire Prone Planning and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.


  • Associated Diploma Park Management–CSU
  • TAE 40116 Certificate IV Training & Assessment with over 1000 hours in the last 5 years
  • Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)
  • Certificate IV in Public Safety (Firefighting Supervision)
  • Incident Control Level 3 (NSW RFS Incident Controller Major Incident accredited)
  • Certified Incident Controller–AFAC Emergency Management Professionalisation Scheme
  • Operations Officer Level 2/3
  • Planning Officer Level 2/3
  • Divisional Commander


Principal consultant and director Cameron Leary has a wealth of high level experience attained from over 30 years’ of working in the public sector in fire-fighting, fire management, prescribed burning and incident management, his knowledge and skill has been acknowledged through National and International deployments in senior incident management leadership roles.

He has a broad range of training and assessment experience in design, development, delivery and facilitation of courses and scenarios, this knowledge has been developed through working on programs with a broad cross section of emergency services and land management organisations. This experience combined with his knowledge of the VET system and processes provides the skills required to produce training resources that meet identified organizational and operational needs.

Cameron has also been highly involved with AFAC as a representative on the Learning and Development Committee and the AIIMS Steering Committee, during this time he has developed extensive knowledge, experience and appreciation of the application of AIIMS, having been involved in the review and development of the past three iterations of AIIMS.

  • International deployment British Columbia, Canada (2015) – Incident Controller/Operations Officer
  • International deployment British Columbia, Canada (2017) – Deputy Incident Controller/Strategic Safety Officer
  • Interstate deployment Western Australia (2015) – Multi-agency Contingent Leader/Operations Officer
  • Interstate Liaison Officer Victoria (2013)
  • Certified Incident Controller – AFAC Emergency Management Professionalisation Scheme
  • Accredited Incident Controller (NSW RFS Incident Controller Major Incident program)
  • Facilitator/Assessor NSW RFS Incident Controller Major Incident program
  • Major incident management experience across a range of All Hazard incidents

Dave Hitchcock

Dave Hitchcock is an integral founding team member of the Emerg Group and is greatly valued for his qualifications and impressive list of ‘hands-on’ experience. He is a Certificate IV Trainer Assessor and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science. Dave has held multi-disciplinary roles within fire agencies and is a Retained Structural Firefighter with FRNSW. Dave founded his business, Fireground, from observing an opportunity to make a real change in the industry by providing quality delivery of fire training and development of training materials. Thus, he has developed a company with both consultancy and RTO capabilities. He utilises the many networks he has established throughout his years of experience working for Government Land Management Agencies.


  • Degree Applied Science – CSU
  • Associated Diploma Park Management – CSU
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment with over 400 hours in the last 5 years


Extensive accreditation in fire roles, including;

Crew Member

Crew Leader

Divisional Commander

Prescribed Burning

Fire Investigation

IMT roles, specifically IC Class 3

Field operational roles to middle-level management with Forestry and NPWS 

Superior experience in WHS & Risk Management relating to Land Management

Lachie Onslow

Lachie has over 27 years’ experience in providing aerial emergency response services to the community. Lachie has over 11,000 hours of flight experience including 25 years and 5000 hours of firefighting alone. Lachie operates a fleet of 20 aircraft, providing client focussed services nationwide to a range of Government Agencies and Companies.

Lachie’s passion for, and strong focus on ensuring there is a strong and sustainable aerial firefighting industry has seen his company group responsible for mentoring and introducing over 60 pilots to aerial firefighting operations in Australia.


  • Australian and USA Commercial Helicopter Licence
  • Australian Commercial Aeroplane Licence
  • USA Instrument Rating
  • CASA approved Chief Pilot
  • CASA approved aerial firefighting proficiency check pilot
  • 10 times Reno Air Race competitor