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EMERG Group is the collaboration between five highly respected and experienced individuals in the fields of Fire, Emergency and Incident Management services:

  • Brett Stephens – SA Bushfire Solutions
  • Dave Hitchcock – Fireground Leadership & Training
  • Cameron Leary – IC Intent
  • Graeme Taylor – Fire Risk Consultants
  • Lachie Onslow – Fleet Helicopters

We tailor our consulting services, training courses and mentoring programs to suit the needs of workers in the competitive modern workplace and we pride ourselves on giving workers the tools they will need to work safer, more efficiently, more professionally and more productively. Our aim is to educate managers and individuals so they can reduce risk and better cope with the demands of their profession, and most importantly, so team members can return home safe at the end of each work day.



Each of the EMERG Group founders have decades of real-life experience on all kinds of emergency situations and worksites. Each have similar backgrounds with extensive Public Service Careers and then moved into the private sector with their own individual businesses. In addition, our trainers are concurrently working within industry which maintains their industry knowledge is current and up-to-date. The knowledge you and your team will receive enhances the professional edge you need to improve your management capabilities and thus advance your career. Taking your renewed knowledge back to your workplace will maximise the safety and efficiency of what you do and how your entire team operates under the pressure of emergency situations.


EMERG are the experts developing the future of Emergency, Bushfire & Incident Management

  • We tailor contextualised consultation and training to suit your needs or the needs of your personnel
  • We provide realistic training scenarios
  • Our team is comprised of professional and highly experienced consultants and trainers
  • We offer specific knowledge, skills & experience enhancement to increase the Capability, Resilience & Capacity of you & your team
  • We offer ongoing mentoring programs to advance & nurture our clients’ capabilities
  •  We have extensive experience in property risk analysis & planning
  • We offer an expansive range of aerial operations & platforms